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Tips To Prepare Kids For Their First Visit To The Dentist

June 15, 2022

The first visit to the dentist is the most important as it will set your child’s attitude towards future dental appointments. During your child’s first dental appointment it is normal for your child to feel anxious, but there are many ways to ease their nerves. At Rowlett Dental Kids, we understand your child’s unique dental needs and accordingly provide solutions to ensure their smile. Following are a few tips to prepare your child for their first dental visit.

Read, Talk, And Role-Play

The best way to prepare your toddler is to talk to them about the importance of oral hygiene and explain to them what to expect in the dental care visit. You can use positive language and try to explain the importance of oral hygiene and strong teeth. Reading picture books about visiting the dentist and encouraging them to play dentist games will help them understand that the dental office is not a scary place. 

Early Exposure

Try to schedule your child’s first check-up after their first birthday, establishing a dentist home will help your child be familiar with the environment and ensure strong and healthy growth of their teeth. At Rowlett Dental Kids, we understand your child’s unique needs and provide you with the best children’s dentistry in Rowlett, TX.

Be Prepared 

It is always better to carry some toys that will keep your child engaged with distraction while on the dentist’s chair. Moreover, you can reward your kid with something special such as ice cream or a trip to a nearby playground. It will create a positive experience for them

Stay Patient  

It is essential to remain patient while inculcating good dental care habits. It is important to make their experience a positive one so they develop good oral habits. We understand the first visit to the dentist is very important therefore we provide sedation dentistry to help your child relax and try to make their experience as comfortable as possible. This will avoid long-term negative consequences and help your child adopt a positive outlook toward dental check-ups.

Choose The Right Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist will be a better fit for your child as they have two to three years of specialized training following dental school, focusing on treating children. They have experience with children’s developing teeth, behavior, and other related oral care requirements. They specialize in providing oral care for infants and children with special needs.  At Rowlett Dental Kids, Our pediatric dentist in Rowlett, TX, Dr. Tera Pollock is a specialized professional who has worked with children’s oral care for 23 years and counting. Contact us now to book an appointment

Pediatric Dentistry In Rowlett, TX. 

At the first visit, our pediatric dentist will start will gentle check-ups, and slowly start including fluoride, digital X-rays, cleanings, etc.  Dr pollock will tell you everything you need to know to keep your child’s teeth healthy including:

  • Brushing and flossing techniques
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Dental sealants
  • Tips on how to prevent decay.

Throughout every appointment, we will keep an eye for any potential dental issues which can be treated before it gets worse. Contact us now to get the best pediatric dentist in Rowlett, TX.

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