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We Love Helping Little Smiles Shine with Rowlett, TX Children’s Dentistry

Having just one dental care home for the whole family can be very helpful in terms of convenience – but you also want to ensure that your children are receiving the focused, kind attention they deserve. Thankfully, Rowlett Dental Kids operates within Rowlett Dental Associates, which means you and all your loved ones can have the best of both worlds! Dr. Tera Pollock has over twenty years of experience caring specifically for younger patients, and her quality approach is perfect whether your child is just starting daycare or about to graduate from high school.  Contact us today!

What can I expect at my child’s first appointment?

As we start to build a relationship with you and your loved ones, our dental team’s approach to your son or daughter’s care will be largely determined by their age. Dr. Pollock will start with gentle checkups and then build her appointments gradually to include fluoride care, digital X-rays, cleanings, and more as their emotional maturity and ability to sit still and stay calm improves – parents are always welcomed in the treatment room as well. Simply put, our goal is to help your child feel right at home with us.

We offer a wide variety of services that are ideal for developing smiles, and Dr. Pollock looks forward to growing with them through the trials of losing baby teeth, learning how to brush and floss, and much more. Fluoride treatment and dental sealants are the perfect preventive measures for preventing decay, and if needed, restorative solutions like tooth-colored fillings, zirconia crowns and dental stainless steel crowns are available to effectively deal with pesky damage right away. Throughout each and every appointment, we will always keep an eye out for potential developmental problems as well, such as overcrowded and misaligned teeth – these problems often need to be dealt with head-on in order to help your child avoid more involved and costly treatment down the road.

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