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Can Baby Teeth Get Root Canals?

February 07, 2021

It’s common knowledge that baby teeth can get cavities. In fact, tooth decay is the number one most common chronic childhood illness. However, what happens if the cavity becomes too severe to be treated with a filling? In permanent teeth, a root canal would typically be performed to stop the infection and save the tooth […]


How Drinking Juice Affects Your Child’s Teeth

January 04, 2021

It’s no secret that kids love juice! Which is a good thing, right? Many parents assume that juice is good for their children because it comes from fruit. However, while these tasty beverages may have lots of vitamins, they may be doing more harm than good! Read on to find out how juice affects your […]


Why Your Child Might Need to Have A Baby Tooth Extracted

December 12, 2020

Losing baby teeth in childhood is usually an exciting and highly anticipated sign of growing up. However, there are times when a baby tooth needs to be removed by a dentist, sometimes before they’re even loose. In these cases, it’s essential to take out the tooth instead of waiting for it to fall out to […]


Children’s Books to Help Your Child Feel Less Anxious About the Dentist

November 18, 2020

Is your child nervous about their upcoming dental visit? It is normal for children to feel anxious about new things, especially when they don’t know exactly what to expect. After all, dental anxiety is a common issue for adults as well. The good news is that there are all sorts of children’s books out there […]


5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Child’s Dental Insurance

October 13, 2020

Is your son or daughter covered under your dental insurance plan? Maximizing your children’s dental insurance coverage is an excellent way to ensure their smile stays happy and healthy as they grow. While dental insurance may seem confusing at times, understanding the basics can help you make the best decisions for your family. Here are five simple […]


What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and How Can You Prevent It?

September 09, 2020

Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay is the number one most common chronic childhood disease? There are a variety of factors that make children more prone to cavities than adults, including thin enamel, lacking dental hygiene habits, and the sugary snacks they eat. However, you may […]


Is Your Child Developing Shark Teeth? Here’s What to Do

August 10, 2020

Losing baby teeth during childhood is an exciting milestone of growing up. However, what if those highly anticipated permanent pearly whites begin to come in before the baby teeth have fallen out? Although it can be somewhat alarming to see your little one developing rows of teeth, there’s no need to panic. This occurrence, often […]


Is It Okay to Whiten My Child’s Teeth?

July 14, 2020

Growing up can be hard sometimes, especially if your child isn’t feeling confident about showing off their smile. Staining can be caused by all sorts of different things, but is teeth whitening for kids okay? How can you boost your child’s self-esteem about their smile? Continue reading to learn more about the best ways to […]


Use These 7 Questions To Understand Your Child’s Dental Health

June 04, 2020

It’s hard enough to know what questions to ask about your own teeth, but it’s even tougher to know which ones to use when trying to understand the health of your child’s teeth. Thankfully, a children’s dentist in Rowlett is more than willing to speak with you about the health of your child’s mouth. At your next […]


Is It Safe to Take My Child Back to the Dentist?

April 12, 2020

The health of your child’s smile is important but when it comes to deciding whether they should return for a dental appointment once doors reopen, you may begin to think, “Is it safe?” This common question is being asked by millions of parents at this time, and your dentist fully understands the hesitation you might […]

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