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Common Types Of Sedation Dentistry For Kids

April 14, 2022

Sedation Dentistry for Kids You might be thinking of sedation dentistry for kids if your young one is uneasy about being in a dental chair while someone analyzes their mouth. Dental anxiety is a severe issue that impacts people of all ages. It can worsen with time as a person ages if it is not […]


Is It Necessary To Visit A Children’s Dentist?

March 24, 2022

Reasons To Begin Your Children’s Dentist Visits It is not uncommon for parents to think about when to take their kids to a professional children’s dentist. Pediatric dentists have additional training in dealing with children and their oral problems. The answer to that question is easy. A child must be taken to the dentist when […]


Cavity-Causers in Kids and Healthy Snacks to Prevent Them

November 16, 2021

Cavity-Causers in Kids

If your child gets hungry between meals, they may ask for a snack to hold them over. Though this is normal, many pre-packaged snacks are extremely high in sugar and carbs. Rather than loading them up with cavity-causing foods, opt for a healthier alternative to preserve their oral health and teach them good habits in […]


Loose Tooth? Here’s How to Calm an Anxious Child

September 02, 2021

Losing baby teeth is a normal step in a child’s development and is a rite of passage that’s typically rewarded with money under their pillow the next morning. Though it can be a frightening experience for them, a loose tooth doesn’t have to be a cause for concern. To help your child calm their nerves, […]


How Does Your Child’s School Lunch Affect Their Oral Health?

August 03, 2021

Did you know that lunchtime is one of the most important parts of your child’s day? If your little one isn’t careful, their food and drink choices could leave a lasting mark on their smile. Unfortunately, even options that are marketed as healthy can negatively affect your child’s teeth. Read along as we discuss how […]


A Guide to When Baby Teeth Come In & Fall Out

June 30, 2021

As a parent, you have a lot to keep track of. One of the most important things is the health and development of your child’s teeth. After all, their chompers help them chew properly, speak clearly, and smile confidently throughout the years! If you aren’t familiar with the lifecycle of baby teeth, keep reading to […]


Dental X-Rays: How Safe Are They For Kids?

June 17, 2021

As a parent, you naturally do your best to keep your child safe and healthy without being overly protective. That means when it’s time for your little one to get dental X-rays, you may be concerned and want to learn a bit more about this step in your child’s oral healthcare to make sure they’re […]


3 Ways to Make Dental Visits More Enjoyable for Children with Autism

April 24, 2021

Are you worried that your child might have a difficult and unpleasant experience when visiting the dentist? While this concern is valid for all parents, this is especially true if you have a little one with Autism. Finding a practice that offers special needs dentistry can be a life-changing experience for both you and your child. Whether […]


Everything You Need to Know About Rows of Teeth in Kids

March 18, 2021

Have you noticed a second set of pearly whites coming in behind your child’s baby teeth? While startling at first, this phenomenon is not usually anything to worry about. Rows of teeth in kids are called shark teeth, since sharks also develop a second set of teeth behind the first. Thankfully, shark teeth in children […]


How to Safely Pull Your Child’s Loose Tooth

March 16, 2021

Has your son or daughter been telling you they have a loose baby tooth? If so, chances are they can barely think about anything else! Often, baby teeth fall out on their own, but sometimes, they need a little bit of help. Read on to learn how to safely pull your child’s loose tooth. When to Pull […]

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