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5 Ways Your Dentist Boosts Your Kid’s Oral Health

November 10, 2022

Your child’s dentist offers various services to keep your child’s smile beautiful and healthy.

The dentist significantly impacts your child’s general oral health you select for them. Your child’s dentist will safeguard their oral health in these five ways, piquing their interest in caring for their teeth.

5 Ways In Which  A Dentist Can Boost Your Child’s Oral Health

1. Thorough Cleaning

Kids require routine dental cleanings with a hygienist, just like adults do. Most of the plaque on your child’s teeth surface will be removed by twice-daily brushing and flossing, but germs, food particles, and tartar-forming plaque can hide in the crevices between teeth and gums.

Your child’s teeth will have the tartar entirely removed by our hygienists while maintaining a clean surface. In most cases, unless your child receives treatment for pediatric gum disease, we advise cleanings every six months.

2. Sealants Shield Molars For Years.

The secret weapon used exclusively by pediatric dentists is dental sealants. Sealants are placed over your child’s recently cleaned molars and are solid plastic-like material. These dental sealants function as a durable, long-lasting barrier against tooth decay once they have hardened.

How well do dental sealants work at preventing cavities? According to studies, the dentist places dental sealants to control 50% of excavations by the fourth year and 80% of holes in the first two years.

3. Biannual Fluoride Strengthens Teeth.

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally and is crucial for preserving tooth enamel. For the children, we advise parents to use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwashes that have received ADA approval. Additionally, we recommend choosing to receive topical fluoride treatments every two years.

We’ll administer a coating of concentrated fluoride to the surface of the freshly cleaned teeth during your child’s regular cleaning. Time the teeth absorb the fluoride; this will sit for a while and solidify. Your child can then clean their teeth as usual to remove the fluoride coating, and you can relax knowing that they are receiving enough fluoride to maintain a cavity-free smile.

4. Sleep Apnea Treatment Helps Kids Sleep.

In many instances, a youngster may have OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. We can suggest oral appliances, like a mandibular advancement device, as a type of treatment (MAD). A frenectomy can also help young children with sleep apnea.

Even though your child appears to sleep through the night, sleep apnea causes poor-quality sleep. A lack of sound sleep might eventually affect average physical growth, cause behavioral abnormalities, and result in poor academic achievement.

5. Routine Exams Detect Issues.

Although we urge parents to see us every six months, it’s not only because we enjoy seeing your kids’ familiar faces at our office. Early diagnosis and treatment depend heavily on regular visits. In essence, we can start treating the issue more quickly if we spot warning signs of growing oral health problems as soon as possible.

When a cavity forms in your child’s tooth, your dentist will notice it immediately and devise a treatment plan. We recommend waiting and keeping an eye on a tiny cavity. Other times, the dentist will fill the hole before it gets uncomfortable or requires a dental crown when it is still simply and rapidly repaired.

Dentist In Rowlett

Schedule routine dental checkups for children at your dentist in Rowlett as they develop, ranging from once every three months to once a year. To maintain good dental health, limit your intake of sugary foods, encourage frequent brushing and flossing, and cooperate with your dentist.

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