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Loose Tooth? Here’s How to Calm an Anxious Child

September 02, 2021

Losing baby teeth is a normal step in a child’s development and is a rite of passage that’s typically rewarded with money under their pillow the next morning. Though it can be a frightening experience for them, a loose tooth doesn’t have to be a cause for concern. To help your child calm their nerves, here are a few strategies you can use to make them feel less afraid of losing a tooth.

Talk It Out

Most children begin losing their baby teeth between the ages of 4 and 7. From their friends telling them it hurts to the fear that their teeth will be gone forever, they will likely have a million questions about what’s happening and why. Sit your child down and explain that losing teeth is a normal part of growing up, and their adult teeth will grow in soon to take their place. Keep the conversation friendly so they know there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Make It Fun

By explaining loose teeth in a fun and exciting way, your child will feel less anxious. Consider using their favorite characters from shows and books to explain the experience. You can even look for books about losing teeth with fun illustrations that explain what’s happening and why it’s nothing to be afraid of.

Celebrate a loose tooth as a milestone that means they’re growing up. Your child will likely share your excitement and be less anxious about the situation. Treat them to ice cream, buy them a special toy, or take them to the movies to celebrate.

Another way of making a loose tooth a fun occurrence is to talk up the tooth fairy.  Buy a movie, toy, or picture book that depicts the tooth fairy as a kind creature who rewards children for loose teeth to make it a more magical event. This also helps associate good oral health with earning prizes to encourage them to continue taking good care of their teeth.

Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help

While a naturally occurring loose tooth is a cause for celebration, a knocked-out tooth due to a sports injury or other forms of trauma is a dental emergency. To make sure your child’s oral health stays in tip-top shape, alert their dentist as soon as the injury occurs. An oral health professional can help get the situation under control and keep the injury from causing harm to other parts of your child’s mouth.

Most of the time, losing a baby tooth is nothing to worry about and is a sign that your child is growing up. If they’re feeling anxious about a loose tooth, try using the above strategies to make the experience less scary so they can fully enjoy their smile transformation!

About the Practice

Dr. Tera Pollock and her team of pediatric dentistry professionals at Rowlett Dental Kids administer high-quality care to children of all ages. With over 20 years of experience working with kids and their oral health needs, Dr. Pollock loves helping children take care of their smiles to keep their teeth bright and beautiful. If your child loses a tooth due to a dental injury, she can help avoid further issues and get their smile back on track. For more information on how to handle loose baby teeth, contact Rowlett Dental Kids at (469) 284-8895 or visit their website.

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