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Dental X-Rays: How Safe Are They For Kids?

June 17, 2021

As a parent, you naturally do your best to keep your child safe and healthy without being overly protective. That means when it’s time for your little one to get dental X-rays, you may be concerned and want to learn a bit more about this step in your child’s oral healthcare to make sure they’re safe. After all, X-rays commonly bring to mind thoughts of radiation and complications. Thankfully, you have nothing to fear from modern-day X-rays! Today, dental X-rays are taken digitally, making them significantly more detailed and safer than ever before. When it comes to children’s dentistry, digital X-rays are one of the most important tools available to keep growing smiles healthy. Read on to find out how!

Why Are Kid’s Dental X-Rays Important?

Even though dental X-rays are completely safe, your children’s dentist wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t necessary. These X-rays are essential for inspecting parts of your child’s teeth and other structures that you can’t see with the naked eye, such as the roots and the jawbone. When your dentist takes dental X-rays of your little one’s smile, they’ll be used to do several things:

  • Monitor the health and development of incoming baby teeth
  • Look for warning signs of issues in the jawbone or teeth
  • Identify hidden cracks or cavities in between teeth
  • Predict if there’s enough room in the jawbone for all the incoming teeth
  • Ensure that permanent teeth are coming in correctly

Making X-Rays Safe for Kids

Like many areas of dental healthcare, X-ray technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Unlike old-fashioned X-rays that could cause serious problems over time, the X-rays of today are taken digitally. This allows them to capture clearer, more detailed images, plus they reduce radiation levels by up to 90%! Since several studies suggest that these minimized levels are roughly the same children and adults alike are exposed to on a daily basis, they are widely considered very safe. To absolutely maximize your child’s safety, your dentist will also drape a lead apron over them to protect the rest of their body from any radiation at all.

How Often Should Children Get X-Rays?

Now that we know that digital dental X-rays for kids are safe, how often should they be taken? Typically, a child’s first set of X-rays is taken once they have a few teeth touching. Following that, the frequency will depend on each child’s unique risk of oral health problems. For example, if a child has a history of getting many cavities or is at an increased risk of tooth decay, their dentist may recommend taking X-rays every six months until their smile is healthier. On the other hand, kids who are in good oral health may only need to get X-rays every 12-24 months.

Thanks to modern technology, dental x-rays are safer and more effective for your child’s smile than ever! If you have more questions about dental X-rays for kids, don’t hesitate to talk to your children’s dentist. They’ll be happy to walk you through the whole process and put your mind at ease.

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