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Protecting Smiles for Young Athletes

Girl placing yellow mouthguard

If you have a young athlete in the family, you know that protective gear is very important to keep kids safe. Mouthguards are one piece of protective equipment that many parents don’t think about. However, sports related injuries are the leading cause of tooth loss for people under the age of 25, so it’s important to make sure young athletes are consistently wearing a sportsguard during athletic events and practices. In addition to protecting your child’s smile, studies indicate that consistently wearing mouthguards can help reduce the risk for concussion. If your young athlete needs a comfortable, effective mouthguard that they’ll actually wear consistently, call Rowlett Dental Kids to schedule an appointment. You can also feel free to ask our dedicated pediatric dentist, Tera Pollock, DDS, about a custom mouthguard during your child’s next six month dental exam.

Types of Sportsguards

Girl placing yellow mouthguard

There are many different types of mouthguards available to protect your child’s smile. You can buy a variety of options in your local sporting goods store as well as getting a custom crafted mouthguard from our dental office. There are two types of store-bought sportsguards – stock and boil-and-bite. Stock mouthguards come in a range of sizes that fit most smiles or that can be cut down to fit the athlete’s smile. Boil-and-bite sportsguards are a closer-to-custom solution. These malleable plastic guards are heated in boiling water. Then, the athlete bites into the softened plastic, molding the sportsguard to fit their smiles. While both of these options provide protection for the athlete’s smiles, they can be a bit uncomfortable because they’re not fitted to the exact smile. The custom crafted appliances available in our dental office are fitted to your young athlete’s smile, ensuring complete comfort and safety during athletic competitions and practices.

Benefits of Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Young boy with mouthguard

While store-bought mouthguards do offer protection, there are many benefits to having your young athlete fitted for a custom sportsguard, including:

Sports Where Mouthguards are Recommended

Teen girl playing lacrosse with mouthguard

You probably know that kids should be wearing a mouthguard during sports like football or hockey, but really, kids should be wearing mouthguards during any athletic event where their smile may come in contact with other players, hard surfaces, or sports equipment that could damage their teeth or soft tissue. If you’re in doubt that your child should be using a mouthguard to protect their smiles, talk to Dr. Pollock or one of our team members. We’ll be happy to help.

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