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Dental Sealants in Rowlett Part 2: How Long Do They Last?

November 19, 2017

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child smiling happy In our last blog post, we talked a little about dental sealants. If you’ve become a little more familiar about them and how they can help your little one, this week’s blog post will further help you really see why you need to ask your children’s dentist about dental sealants in Rowlett. Learn more about what they are specifically used for and how long they will last in your little one’s mouth!

Recap: What are Dental Sealants?

If you need a quick reminder, dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that work to protect your little one’s smile from lingering dental debris in the mouth. The plastic works to fill the small crevices of back teeth so that they don’t get food, sugar, and leftover debris stuck in their teeth.

These are effective because the grooves in back teeth help patients to grind and chew their food, and certain particles can become lodged in the fissures of teeth, resulting in tooth decay and cavities. A sealant smooths those crevices and makes it easier to clean the back teeth.

When are Dental Sealants Necessary?

Dental sealants are necessary if you want to keep your little one’s smile cavity-free. They are considered a preventive step in warding off tooth decay and cavities, so as soon as you can ask your dentist about them, you should!

Just like how fluoride works to protect tooth surfaces, dental sealants work to protect the grooves of back teeth. And getting them is easy, too! After a simple cleaning at your child’s dental practice, your dentist will apply the sealant and bond it with the existing tooth enamel. After a quick light curing, the sealant will harden in place and last for years to come with the proper care.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Believe it or not, dental sealants can protect your smile for up to 10 years! All you must do is make sure your children are working to care for their smile. Stay on top of their brushing and flossing routine to actively remove food particles from their smile. Also, it’s important that you continue to have your child’s teeth cleaned professionally at their dental appointments.

If for any reason your dental sealant becomes damaged or is wearing, your kid’s dentist in Rowlett will be able to repair it.

About Our Office

Here at Rowlett Dental Kids, we think it’s important to care for your little one’s baby teeth so that they can develop into healthy adult teeth. One way we’re able to be proactive in their oral health is by offering preventive services like dental sealants for their precious smiles. Ask your children’s dentist in Rowlett about sealants and how your little one can benefit from them. Feel free to call and schedule your next appointment with us today!

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