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How Every Parent Really Feels About The Tooth Fairy…

September 8, 2017

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Small girl with lost tooth.Parents have so many important things to worry about. Is my child happy at school? Are they learning what they need to be accomplished members of society? Are they eating enough vegetables? Remembering to be the tooth fairy might seem secondary and easy to forget. With a little creativity, you can be prepared with some small tokens to commemorate your child’s first lost teeth without even having to leave cash. Here are some helpful ideas about inexpensive trinkets you can leave and how to be prepared when the time comes.

Preparing Ahead of Time

Most children begin to loose teeth around the age of five or six years old. However, it’s never easy to predict when your child’s tooth will fall out even if it’s loose. They may come home from school with their tooth one day, and parents are often caught off guard without cash on hand.

Here are a few simple gift ideas other than cash that you can have on hand and prepare ahead of time so you can be ready when the time comes.

  • Books about teeth or oral hygiene can be a great first gift. Check out The Tooth Book by Dr. Suess as an example.
  • Sugar free candy or lollipops can be a fun way to celebrate a lost tooth. Look for candies containing xylitol, which actually helps to protect and build tooth enamel.
  • Small toys or trinkets. Think small cars for boys or jewelry for girls.
  • An extra special toothbrush. Have a toothbrush with their favorite character at the ready or maybe an upgrade to an electric toothbrush.
  • A coupon for a special outing. A movie with mom or ice cream out with the family is a great way to celebrate a lost tooth.

By being creative and prepared, you can take one more thing off of your list and be a great tooth fairy without breaking the bank. You’ll also enjoy making your child’s day when they lose their first tooth!

About the Author

Dr. Tera Pollock and her team specialize in taking care of children at Rowlett Dental Kids. As a parent of three children herself, Dr. Pollock understands the unique needs of children as well as everything that parents have on their minds to think about.

We strive to build a relationship with your child so their visits to the dentist are pleasant, stress-free, and even highly anticipated by your child.

If you’d like to contact Rowlett Dental Kids, Dr. Pollock can be reached through her website, or by calling 972-475-0301.

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